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I hope that you enjoyed reading about Katie Kelly in A Stitch in Crime and Habitations of Violence.  She would love to hear from you.  Please log in and leave your comments below.

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  1. Just finished reading your book and I LOVED it! It is the kind of book you can’t put down. Terrific who-done- it!
    — Suzie Karp

    Good Story! Mazel Tov!
    I read most of the book today; had to see who done it. Enjoyed all the twists and plot complications.
    The book really seems like it could be a screen play and it would make a good show. Maybe just add more visuals on people and places. I like that it was very original and the thinking and world view of the characters was more fleshed out than in most stories, very educational.
    Looking forward to the next in the series!
    — Regina Wurst

  2. I love Fresno. But it’s hot and dry in the summer, cold and damp in the winter. It’s a town grown into a city, with a small-town sense of community and a city’s problems, murder among them. I like the way _Stitches in Crime_ teases out divisions not only in the community but even in Katie Kelly’s heart as she tries to solve the murder of an abortion-providing doctor in his own clinic. _Stitches in Crime_ is thoughtful, well written, and evocative of life in California’s Central Valley–highly recommended!

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