It’s all in how you look at it

A police detective who quilts?  How silly is that?  We all know that detectives are hard drinking, chain smoking, cynical guys, or maybe occasionally mustached fops who use their little gray cells to solve crimes. But a detective who quilts with her girlfriends on Tuesday afternoon?  I asked Sgt. Katie Kelly if she thought that these two aspects of her life had any connection to one another.  “Absolutely!” she said.  “In the same way that a the beauty of a scrap quilt relies on putting the right things next to one another, solving a difficult case is all a matter of seeing things as connected.  Sometimes when we were laying out a quilt, it just didn’t gel, and then Abby would take one piece and turn it upside down, and bingo!  It was perfect.  And the same was true in Isaac’s and my investigation of the murder of Dr. Friesen.  When we could see which aspects of the case belonged together and which didn’t belong there at all, everything became clear.”


2 thoughts on “It’s all in how you look at it”

  1. As deftly as the Tuesday Quilters piece disparate scraps of fabric into stunning quilts, Lise Rosenthal threads together overheard comments, a bookstore cash register tape and an order of sweet potato fries to create a captivating first mystery offering.
    Her engaging detective, Katie Kelly, relies on by-the-book police procedures, plus the insight of her Tuesday afternoon quilting buddies, to bring a cold-blooded killer to justice!

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